Swedish headphone manufacturer Jays has announced a new set of earbuds - the a-Jays. They come in three differently-priced variants named a-Jays One, a-Jays Two and - you guessed it - a-Jays Three.

All three of the earphone models have the same sized speaker - an 8.6mm dynamic driver. They also all have 115cm-long flat TPE-cords which should be a little less prone to tangling than most headphones are after a few days in your bag. That's as far the similarities go, however - because the numerical variants offer different sound quality, accessories and finish.

One comes with a sleek black plastic coating and a cheapish price tag of $40. Two upgrades the finish to "highly polished", improves the sound and costs $50, but the cream of the crop is Three, which offers a rubber coating on the headphones and a titanium-coated diaphragm for considerably improved audio. It also bundles a stereo splitter, a flight adapter and a protective case. It costs $60.

The headphones will be on sale in April, and we'd hope they'd make it to Britain around the same time, though that'll depend on the company's British reseller - jaysearphones.co.uk. We'll let you know as soon as we get any British pricing through.