New legal services that offer consumers free access to songs - such as We7, Spotify and - are not stopping people from illegally downloading music, says the British Phonographic Industry.

A survey carried out for the industry body (that's aim is to work for the best interests of the record labels, and wider industry) reveals that one in three consumers are using illegal sites. BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor told the BBC the figures were "disappointing".

The poll was considerable as 3000 people aged between 16 and 54 took part with many suggesting they "intended to increase their illegal activities in the coming six months".

Taylor says: "There are now more than 35 legal digital music services in the UK, offering music fans a great choice of ways to get music legally".

"It's disappointing that levels of illegal peer-to-peer use remain high despite this and the publicity surrounding imminent measures to address the problem. It's vital that those measures come into force as quickly as possible".