Headphone manufacturer Atomic Floyd has relaunched its HiDefDrum earphones to the world. They're aimed at the higher end of the market, and are made of steel.

Atomic Floyd reckons that the acoustics inside are "world class" thanks to the heat-treated steel and titanium used to make the product. The audio connectors are gold-plated, and will plug into either your MP3 player or your iPhone, Android or any other smartphone.

If you do that, the inline microphone will come into play, and when plugged into either type of device there's a button that allows you to start, stop, skip and rewind tracks without having to get the device out of your pocket - useful when it's cold outside.

They have a single 13.5mm full-range neodymium driver in each ear, pack an impressive frequency response of 5Hz - 25kHz and come with an impedance of 16 ohms and sensitivity of 100 dB SPL/mW.

The HiDefDrum earbuds are a little pricey, at £100 for the pair, but if you like the look of them, and want something a little more hard-wearing than the usual plastic-y earbuds, then the HiDefDrums could prove a winner.