Yamaha has unveiled a more "wallet friendly" addition to the Tenori-On family - the Tenori-On "Orange".

The follow up to the original Tenori-On, launched back in 2007, it seems this version loses the expensive magnesium casing of the original, being replaced with a heavy duty and durable plastic casing.

Yamaha's Peter Peck explains: "We know everyone loves the concept and fresh approach of Tenori-On, however, as you'd expect, we have received thousands of requests for a more affordable version. We therefore looked at many ways of reducing the price without compromising the all-important product concept or creative operating system. By removing the battery option and the back panel LED's and changing the chassis construction from the magnesium found on the original to a more affordable material, we have achieved our goal of creating the more affordable Tenori-On 'Orange', bringing the full creative capability of Tenori-On to a much wider audience".

The Tenori-On "Orange" will be shipping from December 2009 with pricing to be revealed nearer the time.