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(Pocket-lint) - Headphones don't normally come with a built-in customised experience. The best you'd normally get is different sized earpieces or an adjustable headband. But Nura takes it a step further. In combination with its app, the headphones play sounds into your ears and record the sounds that are reflected back at them. A personalised sound profile is developed from this which then tailors the sounds you hear afterwards. Everyone's ear canals are different, so this is a pretty unique take on sound quality.

Nura offers two different headphone styles: an in-ear called Nuroloop and an over-ear called Nuraphone. Both are on sale during Prime Day, with the Nuraloop coming in at £89.00 / $89.40 USD / $119.40 AUD / €101.40 after a 40% discount and the Nuraphones costing £244.00 / $ 279.30 USD / $349.30 AUD / €279.30 with 30% off.


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The Nuraphone headphones are not your average over-ear headphones, even outside of the unique personalised sound feature. These headphones are both in-ear and over-ear simultaneously. Nura created them this way for a totally immersive sound and experience. It's probably not for everyone, but some will undoubtedly love them.

There is active noise cancelling, which can further be customised depending on your surroundings. You can turn on Social Mode so you can hear your surroundings while listening to music at the same time. Now, why you wouldn't just remove the headphones or turn active noise cancelling off is up to you. But there's the option anyway.

Instead of physical buttons, there are Touch Buttons that allow you to skip tracks, change the volume, and answer calls. 20 hours of battery life makes sure you have all-day listening.

For Prime day, Nura is offering the Nuraphones for 30% off. Check out the deal here.



Unlike the Nuraphones, the Nuraloop headphones are purely in-ear, keeping it simple. Also, unlike many of the wireless options out there, these still retain a wire between the earpieces. This allows them to be both wireless and wired. It's great if you run out of battery after the claimed 16 hours, but it's good if you want to use them as a monitor when playing music. It's a strong claim about the quality of the sound if you want to use them for this purpose.

As with the Nuraphones, the Nuraloops also have active noise cancellation and touch controls for the volume, tracks, and making calls. They are sweat resistant, so will also make for good headphones for an active lifestyle.

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Nura is also offering the Nuraloop headphones with a healthy discount of 40%. So head over here for the deal.

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