(Pocket-lint) - Apple's AirPods are rather super and sporadically there's money off them, usually whenever anybody is having a sale.

Various deals are available whether you're in the US or UK, so check out our dynamic widgets below for the latest prices - don't forget to check back at regular intervals for the latest pricing on each different version. 

The AirPods 2 offer quite decent sound quality, hands-free Siri, touch controls and seamless interaction with your iOS devices thanks to the built-in, Apple-designed H1 chip. They don't have the very best sound quality, but you won't be disappointed especially if you want an earphone to use when out and about. Here are the latest AirPods 2 deals: 


Apple's second-generation AirPods also have a second version with a wireless charging case if you want the flexibility to place your AirPods on top of a wireless charger, just like your iPhone. Here are the latest deals for that version: 


Want the latest and greatest? Well right now, there's also a bit of money off the brand new AirPods Pro, too. And, although it's hardly a big discount it is unusual to see money off such a new product that has, by all accounts, been rather popular so far. 


Writing by Dan Grabham.