So you think you like movies? Well now's your chance to prove it to the rest of your family or mates. Well that's what Microsoft is hoping with the latest addition of Scene it?, the quiz game complete with four wireless controllers. But can it offer you the ultimate quiz environment in your living room? We answer some questions to find out.

Following on from last year's Scene It? Lights Camera Action, this year's version brings new game types, new questions and a new features such as adding Xbox Live and avatar support from the NXE.

For those not aware of the series, Scene it? is the Xbox 360's version of PS2/PS3 game Buzz that sees you sitting in front of your TV answering a series of questions based on movies by bashing a big buzzer remote control.

To do so you get four wireless controllers in the box (complete with those big buttons) so your grandma doesn't have to work out the joys and delights of the Xbox 360 controller.

You then get a series of questions (Microsoft calls them puzzles) that you have to answer in a race against the other players - just like a quiz then.

Puzzles are randomly chosen and vary in what they try and get you to do, with points scored based on a mixture of the correct answer and speed. There are anagrams of films, crosswords that slowly reveal a film title and posters that slowly appear. Other levels include random stills of movies, or actors and actresses behind a distorted filter. In all there are around 21 different types.

Then there are movie clips where, just like the Krypton Factor, you have to either answer questions based on the clip you've just seen or in connection with the movie.

As with all quiz games the success isn’t in the types of questions asked but the actual questions asked and Scene it? Box Office Smash will challenge the average film goer who has seen their fair share of movies.

While some might see it as a down, Scene It? does tell you the answer for next time, handy in the short-term, but those looking to play lots and lots will soon know all the answers.

Questions aren't impossible (there isn't a difficulty rating unfortunately) but you won't get every one right, unless you've been helping edit film listing site

Like the PS3 version Microsoft has also included online support and here you can play other Scene It? gamers around the world rather than those just in your living room or download extra content, presumably for more questions.

Graphics wise it's fairly straightforward stuff. The layout is simple the instructions even easier and you can see Microsoft are hoping this will be a game you play with non-gamer types like your granny rather than those used to killing and maiming aliens in Gears of War 2.

Those with avatars from the New Xbox Experience can bring them in here (very Wii) and if that's not your bag then you can choose random characters to play.

While the blurb on the back of the box boasts HD content for the clips we didn't find any in our time playing - a shame, but it's not going to spoil your enjoyment too much.


Buzz is a fantastic game for the PS2 and on the PS3, however if you're jealous of your PlayStation owning friends, this is your chance to get even as Scene It? Box Office Smash gives you a near perfect clone.

The wireless controllers clearly help as your living room won't be an octopus of cables and the ease of pick up and play mentality means you won't have difficulty getting non-gamers involved.

If you're an Xbox 360 owner looking for family fun rather than lone killing, this will beat the board game after dinner and save you from looking like a tit playing on the Wii.