The Conflict series has been a steady little earner over the years. Its tactical nature starring a team of four has been taken all over the world, and enthralled many a gamer eager for a little strategic gaming to go with the hectic blasting action.

So long-terms fans will be incredibly disappointed to discover that the team of four idea has been scrapped in its entirety. In its place is a pair of unlovable protagonists in the Kane & Lynch ilk. And we all know how pathetic that particular title was.

Your team are the standard types. First is Lincoln Graves, a grizzled old veteran that’s seen more action that you could shake a particularly war-friendly stick at. His team-mate – who stereotypically he despises – is your typical rookie with an itchy trigger finger, and ideas way above his station. Both are astonishingly irritating, leaving you almost craving the point where one of them perishes.

The ridiculous changes continue with a complete inability to change your weapon as you progress through the games short-lived single player campaign. Graves wields a slow reloading sniper rifle, while his younger team-mate carries a handy machine gun that’s mysteriously lacking in power.

You spy your enemies making fantastic use of a wide range of weird and wonderful weaponry, but you’re essentially stuck with the rubbish that the developers have decreed for you. It may bring about a hint of realism with regards to different members of the armies around the world specially trained with one particular weapon. But Conflict: Denied Ops is anything but realistic, and hence this daft feature only helps hinder the enjoyment levels even further.

Equally as disturbing is the plot and scripting, that at best is eye-rollingly bad, and even downright offensive at its worthy points. Considering the amount of time spent on the story, there seems to have been a decision to make both characters the kind of cocky meatheads that are universally despised. Their frequent swearing, cringe-worthy comments, and blatant offensive nature will turn you off quicker than even the horrific Soldier of Fortune.

Thankfully when you’re bored of one, you can switch to the other in a split second. Sadly the orders you’ll level out to your fellow gunner surmount to either attack, or simply forcing them to stay still. There’s no way to initiate flanking manoeuvres, or even ask your team mate to give you covering fire allowing you to move closer to your target. In fact, unless you specifically tell him to attack, a large amount of the time he’ll neglect to fire back on the enemies trying to blast his head from his shoulders.

There aren't even any decent looks to please your well trained gaming eye with either: character animations are universally poor, with the levels themselves would look more at home on the original Xbox rather than today’s powerful HD ready variety. It’s all just so ugly, in every sense of the word.


It’s difficult to sum up Conflict: Denied Ops without tossing in the likes of tedious, dull, shallow, and ugly. With the likes of Call of Duty 4, and Gears of War readily available, there’s absolutely no need to pick this one up.

Don’t even give it the dignity to glance at it on the shop shelves. It truly is that bad.