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(Pocket-lint) - If Capcom continue how it's been doing the last few years they’re going to clean up.

We’re thinking of the likes of Dead Rising, Okami, Resident Evil 4, Killer 7, Viewtiful Joe and Devil May Cry 3. This massive Japanese corporation is steeped in gaming history and they wrote the book on crowd pleasers. Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins anyone?

Lost Planet looks set to be up there with the Capcom classics. The human race has been attempting to colonize a frozen planet by the name of EDN III but they’re getting nowhere fast.

The hostile environment causes all kinds of problems and things aren’t made any better by the planets original inhabitants – the giant insect like Akrid – not being too happy with humankind inhabiting their turf. We don’t blame them. How would you like it if a bunch of aliens turned up and started blasting your flat to smithereens?

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It’s essential you shoot the Akrid too. Knock them out and you can pick up energy and to keep you warm in the bitter cold. Your supply slowly ticks down during each mission so staying topped up is one of your main priorities. You’ll damn well freeze to death otherwise.

So does Lost Planet cut it? Let’s strap on a Vital Suit – the kit that keeps the game’s protagonist Wayne all nice and toasty – and see.

Lost Planet starts off as it means to go on with a series of small battles, culminating in a face off with a huge Akrid by the name of "Green Eye".

Eventually you’re cornered by the huge beastie, but your dad turns up at the last second to save the day. Green Eye doesn’t take too kindly to this interruption though and squishes your poor old pappy as flat as a proverbial pancake.

And so the game proper begins. Our hero Wayne wakes up in an outpost with three helpers to guide him. They chip in with tips and bits of story to keep Lost Planet rolling along, but the plot is naff to say the least. At best it's too clever with daft twists and new characters added willy nilly, while the rest of the time it’s tedious and dull gaming fare.

Ignore the story altogether and you’ll see that Lost Planet is a balls out shooter title pure and simple. Your tasks consist of, well, blasting away at virtually everything and everyone you come across. And that’s it. Forget stealth missions or other add ons.

As it’s a Capcom title, it all works like a charm. Each of the 11 levels holds literally thousands of the Akrid buggers and hulking great end of stage bosses. You aren’t going to sneak your way past any of them.

The Akrid are your typical cannon fodder. They’re pretty dumb and the larger varieties have blatantly obvious weak points to shoot and gain the valuable energy inside. There’s so many of them you’ll be glad they aren’t paid up members of Mensa. It’s action, action, action all the way.

To recap

It might not last forever – though multiplayer will keep you hooked for a fair old while – but it’s a cracking ride while it lasts

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