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(Pocket-lint) - As time goes on more and more titles are now appearing on microsoft's next generation console, the Xbox360.

The latest is Blazing Angels, a WWII flight sim from Ubisoft, But has it got what it takes to blow us out of the sky or does it merely crash and burn?

The flight sim plays out across the skies of Europe around famous battles of WWII including Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbor.

There are 20 missions in total and gamers can choose between campaign and arcade modes to start with and missions involve either cleaning the skies of bad guys or stopping tank columns getting to a certain bridge.

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Get through the Campaign mode and the game opens up further with the ability to replay any of the campaign missions as single levels.

Additionally gamers can pit their wits against another pilot in the Ace Dual dogfight or up to 20 other players via the multiplayer mode online via the Xbox Live Service.

When it comes actually flying the plane, everything is very simple and although the planes don't have any real differentiating flying physics they are easy to control.

In game you aren't left to your own devises, but have other wingmen to help you fight it out against the axis of evil. These wingmen can be commanded into different formations, and gamers who've played any of the Ghost Recon series will be right at home ordering them around.

When it comes to graphics, the Xbox360 allows Blazing Angels to pull all the punches. While the landscapes are impressive, London especially, an even nicer touch is that the faster you go the blurrier the scenery.

It's not just the countryside that is impressive. In the sky, the planes, bullets, clouds and slip streams are all very extraordinary and certainly add to the overall experience.

To recap

Blazing Angels isn't anything new, however it is a highly polished arcade style flight sim

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Writing by Stuart Miles.