The idea of console players sitting on their backsides getting obese will soon be thrown out of the window by the likes of Thrustmaster and its Dance Mat for the Xbox. The PlayStation ushered in dance mats out of the arcades and placed them by the TV. Now Thrustmaster's decided to release the Xbox version too.

The large mat, features eight “action zones” that pretty much cover all the buttons on a standard controller. It's large and easy to use. Standing in the spare space in the middle of the mat, you can step on to any of the action zones and therefore pres the button by simply standing on the large touch sensitive area to activate the button residing beneath it. At the helm is the start and select button and the unit also has two slots for additional memory cards or other peripherals.

While you can theoretically play any game using the mat, the main emphasis is dance titles- and certain games would be an amusing sight to try and master using your feet and hands.


If you're looking to make gaming an exercise rather than a couch potato endeavour then this is certainly one way to lose the pounds. The pad had that childhood smell of paddling tool plastic when we took it out of the box and this combined with the madness that ensued certainly made for an entertaining evening. Big or small, young or old this is a great party accessory. However the only advice we would suggest is that is really will only appeal to children's parties, the young at heart, and crazy or drunk party goers.