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(Pocket-lint) - Counter Strike on the Xbox is almost identical to the PC version and anyone hoping to recreate the same feeling won’t be disappointed. As before the emphasis is on multiplayer action.

For those unaware of the Counter Strike phenomenon, originally a PC title, you have the choice of two sides: terrorist or anti-terrorist. Maps are based around bomb detonation or hostage scenarios with you either protecting or capturing depending on which side you choose. To make things harder its one shot kill and once dead, you’re dead - no re-spawning at base camp. At the start of each game you have the chance to equip yourself although time is limited and depending on how well you performed in the previous game depends on how much cash you’ve got.

The Xbox version has been spilt into three areas - training, single player and multiplayer. The training is pretty straightforward and allows new comers to understand the equipment buying and game rules. Single player however, is nothing more than a chance to practice on the maps before you go online. There is no campaign to complete merely bots to kill and this really is only a place to hone your fighting skills.

Multiplayer is where the action is at so to speak and you can player with a further 15 players online via the Xbox Live servers. To spruce things up a bit for the PC players who have perhaps transferred over there are seven new maps to learn and there is promise of further content available from Microsoft.

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As with most Xbox Live titles, Counter Strike supports voice and talking between players as you capture the hostage or foil the terrorists makes for good gaming conversation.


Like the PC version this is a game purely for the online market. If you don't plan to sign up to the Xbox Live service then this simply isn't worth it. This game doesn't purport to be anything else than an online multiplayer frag-fest that it is. If you are an online player this is the classic game where it all started, yes there are more titles out there with better graphics and more options, but if you are after raw first person shooter you can't get better than this.

Writing by Stuart Miles.