Death's Door review: A perfect blend of charm and challenge

Death's Door sees you play as the Foretold Crow, a reaper who needs to track down some big souls. (image credit: Acid Nerve)
You'll do so by exploring a vivid, decaying world of monsters, punctuated by puzzles and big boss fights. (image credit: Acid Nerve)
The world is really gorgeous, and the characters that fill it even more so, with funny dialogue aplenty. (image credit: Acid Nerve)
Those boss fights are seriously tough in places, but never unfair, so the balance of challenge versus reward is great. (image credit: Acid Nerve)
The pretty little world has loads of secrets to uncover, including loads that only unlock after you "finish" the game, so there's plenty of content. (image credit: Acid Nerve)
It comes together into an excellent package that's well worth your time and money, especially at a wallet-friendly price. (image credit: Acid Nerve)

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