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(Pocket-lint) - On the Sunday prior to Gamescom 2017, Microsoft pulled a couple of console announcements out of the bag.

There is an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition for die-hard fans to pre-order for day one. And a special version of the 1TB Xbox One S was unveiled too - a console bundle that will get Minecraft fans a-frothing.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle not only comes with a copy of Minecraft and the Redstone Pack expansion, the console itself is designed to look like a collection of Minecraft blocks.

Pocket-lintMinecraft Xbox One S image 5

It has been laser etched, to give a tangible texture to the front and sides. And the underneath of the machine is translucent, with redstone elements running underneath.

There are also some Easter Eggs, we were told during a Gamescom briefing, which Minecraft fans will discover in use. Sounds and effects from the game series are also used by this particular Xbox for certain actions.

Up close, it is quite a fetching, if garish, machine that looks best when mounted vertically on the included stand.

We particularly like the included controller, which is designed around a Creeper.

A separate Pig controller will also be available.

The Minecraft Xbox will be available from 3 October priced at £349.99. Pre-orders on Microsoft's Xbox website are open now.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 22 August 2017.