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(Pocket-lint) - We've always loved the Xbox One Elite Controller and its mad, pricey ways, but during its E3 2016 media briefing Microsoft announced a new version that we want so much more.

Battle-scarred and sexy, the Xbox Elite Controller - Gears of War 4 Limited Edition is available on pre-order now at the princely sum of $200.

It offers similar customisable thumbsticks, D-pad, rear paddles and hair trigger functionality of the original, but is completely styled around the forthcoming shooter from Microsoft and the Coalition.

In addition to the controller, you get an exclusive in-game item for Gears 4 and three Gear Packs for your money, but those dropping that kind of cash are really after the stunning looks and abilities of the device itself.

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We didn't get to use it playing a game sadly, so can't tell you exactly how it feels until we get one in for review in the comings weeks or months. We can say that, in the hand, it feels very similar to the black and silver Elite Controller we currently use to game with.

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As well as the controller itself, you get a Gears-themed red carry case, four metallic red paddles that can be fitted to the rear and assigned for different actions in games, and six interchangeable thumbsticks - two standard, two domed and two taller than usual.

There are also two D-pads included, with a standard one and the faceted version seen in our pictures. That has the weapon selection icons as seen in Gears games, printed in the right places.

The controller takes two AA batteries and is a doddle to set up.

First Impressions

The Xbox One Gears 4 Elite Controller is very pricey, at $50 more than even the mammoth cost for the original Elite device, and that will no doubt be way too much for many.

It's hugely desirable for Gears fans though, so they might have to start saving now.

An exact release date is yet to be revealed. We're also not sure if or when it will come to the UK too.

We certainly hope so.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 15 June 2016.