(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced that its limited edition Halo 5 Xbox One controllers are now on sale in the UK and they can be bought for £59.99 apiece, with two models to choose from.

There's one for Master Chief and another for the rival team leader, Jameson Locke. And we got a glass-width away from both at Gamescom 2015 a couple of months ago, so you should check out the gallery above to see what they look like in the flesh.

In addition, an Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Bundle is coming soon that contains a 1TB version of the console adorned in Halo-esque designs, inspired by Spartan Locke and UNSC technology. And although it looks good in marketing and press images, it looks even better in the flesh - as we discovered at the event.

It has two-tone paneling and in-game sounds accompany actions, such as turning on the Xbox One or when hitting the eject button. A similarly decked out controller is also included, which is of the new design with a 3.5mm audio jack built-in.

The bundle also includes a digital download version of Halo 5: Guardians and the Warzone REQ bundle, with all manner of additional content for the game.

It will launch on 27 October and be priced at £399.99 in the UK. It is also available for pre-order now.

We also saw the ultra-cool Forza Motorsport 6 limited edition console and controller at the same time, so if you are a fan of the racing game series instead you might fancy a blue 1TB Xbox One and wireless controller, both featuring racing stripes.

We must admit though, the Halo 5 version looks better when viewed in the same cabinet.

Writing by Rik Henderson.