(Pocket-lint) - Nyko went to E3 2015 with a new lineup of peripherals, and because the company is ridiculously good at making useful and brilliant gaming accessories we actually need, we decided to stop by its stand to check out the new versions of the Nyko Data Bank and Type Pad for Xbox One.

We saw the PlayStation 4 versions of those devices while at CES 2015 in January and simply loved how they improved gaming experiences, and so we were hoping Nyko didn't change things up too much when crafting the new versions for Microsoft's ecosystem. (It didn't, thankfully.) Apart from the Data Bank and Type Pad, Nyko also demoed the Cygnus controller and a Modular Charge Station for PS4 while at E3.

So, starting off with the Nyko Type Pad for Xbox One, which will launch in October for only $30, Nyko showed us how the keyboard easily slots into the bottom of an Xbox One controller. You must plug a USB dongle to your Xbox One in order for it to work. The Type Pad is one of the only QWERTY keyboards for controllers with a dedicated "@" key, according to Nyko, making it easier to type in email addresses.

Gamers can also use it to type credentials or message friends, so the peripheral is a perfect solution for those of you who hate entering words onscreen one letter at a time. There's also a scrolling nub for quick menu navigation. We especially liked the “.com” shortcut too. Oh, and gamers can still chat with their Xbox One headsets while the Type Pad is plugged in by using the Xbox One adapter.

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We thought the keyboard added a bit of weight to the controller, but at the same time, it wasn't at all cumbersome and almost seemed like something that should come standard with all gaming controllers. As for the Data Bank for Xbox One, it's another idea that seems standard at first blush but still makes gaming so much more efficient and enjoyable. It lets you neatly install and hide an external drive.


If you're running low on storage space on your Xbox One console, the Data Bank supports any 3.5-inch hard drive and connects it to the Xbox One via USB. It even comes with a power cord. With this $40 setup, you can buy a huge, cheap drive and tuck it away on top of your Xbox One in a sleek, black enclosure. The Data Bank will launch in October, along with the Type Pad for Xbox One.


And finally, the Cygnus and the Modular Charge Station. The Cygnus is a $25 an ergonomic controller for Android devices and set-top boxes. We played with it for a bit and found it to be extremely lightweight. It runs AA batteries and has all the buttons you might need, and not a single thing more. It's basic...and we liked it. Nyko's PS4 modular charging station is also pretty basic.


The device, which plugs into the PS4's USB ports to provide an easier method of charging controllers, has been out for a while but just received a new update. Nyko developed the new version with two USB passthroughs, and it will ship sometime between August and October.

Writing by Elyse Betters.