(Pocket-lint) - You could argue until the sun goes down and the cows come home about which console controller is the best. What is hard to argue with, is that the Xbox 360's controller is an extremely capable device. It suits larger hands well, it's comfortable and feels like it was developed for long-term comfort. So with a new generation, Microsoft only has to "not mess it up" and create something that's either as good, or better than what went before. But, with all companies, this can be harder than you might expect. 

We spent a day with the hardware of the new Xbox One. It was non-working, in so much as we didn't have the power adaptor, but everything felt like it was production ready. Including the new controller. So we took a look at it, armed with what Microsoft had told us in its own video. While we were looking, we made our own seven-minute video - apparently that's how long it takes to talk about a games controller these days - and this is the result. 

Ultimately, we think the firm has done exactly what it needed to. Created a piece of hardware that improves upon the previous generation, but without forgetting what made it great. At least when it comes to the controller, Microsoft has no worries. Perhaps that's a good sign for the console itself?

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Writing by Ian Morris.