There aren't any fully-working Xbox One consoles for review just yet, we're a while off that, but Microsoft did let us get some time with a "non-working" sample. Although, we have a feeling that this console would have worked if we'd had a power adaptor to play with. 

But just seeing the hardware outside of a Perspex case was a huge benefit to us. For one, we were able to see how it stacks up against our 360 - we have video of them all together coming soon - and we formed an opinion that it's not too big either, in fact, it's not really any larger than the original 360 console.

We fell in love with the controller too, it's lovely and a real upgrade from the near-perfect 360 version. Kinect is larger than the original, but looks neater and fits in better with the console than the previous generation. It's also got some clever tech included. 

Enjoy the video, and use the comments below to let us know what you think. We have loads more Xbox One videos coming this week, so make sure you check our video hub for more on this, and other exciting tech.