(Pocket-lint) - The first Dead Rising and its sequel were an acquired taste. Not taking themselves too seriously in the zombie slaughtering stakes, yet levying almost ludicrously difficult game mechanics on the player, both have attained cult status and many eyes, therefore, have been on a third chapter. Would a Dead Rising 3 carry on where the last one left off? Will it keep true to the lineage and offer up madcap mayhem? And would it stick with Capcom's decision to expand the second chapter's reach to PlayStation?

The answer to all of those is a resounding "no". Dead Rising 3 is to be an Xbox One exclusive title - a launch title for the new console, no less. It ditches the cartoony, silly style of its predecessors in favour of a grittier, more hyper-realistic aesthetic. And the main character has been changed - to car mechanic Nick Ramos, who must survive in the enormous open world of Los Perdidos against the zombie threat.

Additionally, gone is the super tough save game scheme of having to find specific locations just to save games. Instead, the new game will autosave throughout. And time pressurised gameplay has been removed, with the open world and the pace to do missions in whatever order you like in its place.

That's not to say fans of the original games can't opt for both of those gaming restraints, they can. There is a nightmare mode that will re-introduce both features should masochists be so inclined. But the rest of us can now finish a Dead Rising game at our leisure. Players can also still dress their character's in ludicruous outfits and women's garments, but it's not as overt as before.

In terms of next generation, not only are the graphics greatly tarted up, but the extra power of the Xbox One also means that more zombies can appear on screen at any one time. Indeed, as Pocket-lint was told, there is no limit to how many of the undead can appear at the same time, not graphically anyway. There comes a point, claims the developer, when there are so many zombies on screen it is impossible to avoid them or escape.

So if you think a level has too few zombies on it, that's actually done purposely for the sake of gameplay. Try piling a car through a dense wall of zombies and you'll be dead within seconds.

We'll be looking more at Dead Rising 3 when it comes out later in the year - around November.

Writing by Rik Henderson.