Of Microsoft's own exclusives planned for the launch of Xbox One, the latest version of Forza is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated.

Even from just a 720p online video, it is clear that Turn10's first next-generation driving game is something special. It is, quite simply, beautiful - better looking that just about every other driving game at E3 2013. And that's some claim to fame.

That's why we've been so excited about getting some actual hands-on time with Forza Motorsport 5, even though it's only a small build with a smattering of cars available to drive. Just standing behind someone else playing it is special, but getting to feel each turn for yourself is what it's about.

We played the game during Microsoft's dedicated Forza 5 event after a hard day slogging around the E3 halls, so it would have to be something exceptional to reinvigorate tired eyes. And that it most definitely is.

forza motorsport 5 xbox one preview and screens image 23

The event was also used by Turn10 to announce some new features. Indy car racing has been added, thanks to a new ability by the physics engine to cope with the aerodynamics of open wheel vehicles, and that means the Indy 500 will be playable. In addition, thanks to a tie-in with the motorsports movie Rush, about the battle for the 1976 Formula One championship between Brit playboy James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, you will get the chance to race in the two F1 cars they drove.

However, the demo laps we were able to play we more traditionally Forza. We chose the McLaren P1 and away we went.

forza motorsport 5 xbox one preview and screens image 18

The car feels suitably heavy and we'd have to say, bar the sumptuous graphics, this build of the game plays much like former generations. Without the new key features, Drivertars - the real-player inspired AI drives - or any other opponents, it's hard to get a feel on how much further up the chain this Xbox One version is. But considering how it feels to play already, everything else will be a bonus.

One thing it did afford us a chance to check out was the rumble effect on the triggers. It definitely adds to the experience, without detracting from it.

Forza Motorsport 5 will be a launch title for Xbox One, so will be out in November at the same time as the console.

Friend of Pocket-lint, Family Gamer TV also managed to grab some video of the game in action, and an interview with Turn10's Dan Greenwalt - well worth a watch.