All things Tomb Raider seem to be taking over on the approach to the game's release date on 5 March. As well as three hours of hands-on time with the final game, Pocket-lint has also got our mitts on the limited edition Xbox 360 Tomb Raider control pad.

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First revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, the limited-edition pad echoes all the bruised, gritty gameplay that heroine Lara Croft has to put herself through during the game's unflinching storyline.

The blood-red control pad is complete with dirtied thumb prints, a bandage to the left side and black pick-axe emblem to the base of the front. It's all transfer finished, with no extra embossed edges or the like.

Otherwise this is an Xbox 360 controller as per the norm. No special Lara voiceovers when switching on - as with, for example, the special-edition Star Wars console - and, fortunately, we've been spared the suggestion of the dual analogue sticks resembling Croft's other famous assets.

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Available upon the game's launch the limited-edition Xbox 360 controller will be priced £39.99.