We've all been getting rather excited about Halo 4's imminent launch. Ahead of time, the limited-edition Halo 4 XBox 360 console has been beamed into Pocket-lint HQ for us to have a play with.

Designed by the Halo team, this limited-edition version of the Xbox 360 console is only a set of warp drives short of looking like a miniature Spirit of Fire mothership.

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The grey-blue plastic exterior is transparent to reveal the console's metallic interior, while futuristic silver patterns circle the console's on button.

halo 4 xbox 360 limited edition console pictures and hands on image 3

The loading tray and on button are also surrounded by bright blue patterns, reminiscent of the swirling shapes of an energy sword.

To the bottom side - or top rear, depending on which way up you like to keep the console standing - is the Halo 4 logo, also in silver.

halo 4 xbox 360 limited edition console pictures and hands on image 8

The controllers - two of which are included in the box - have a similar finish and with two AA batteries popped into their rears have flashing blue Xbox "home" buttons. However, unlike the Star Wars limited-edition console's controller which made R2D2 sounds, the Halo 4 controllers are silent.

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The console itself, however, makes Halo 4 sounds when it's switched on or when ejecting a disc. Which sounds? We have no idea, as we've only been able to get hold of a Japanese version and, unfortunately, can't wire up this console to UK mains. This also means we weren't able to see "the blue ring" - don't worry, it's nothing like the red ring of death - that lights up when the console is switched on. We know, we know, we cried tears of despair too.

halo 4 xbox 360 limited edition console pictures and hands on image 1

The final boxed version will also include a standard edition of Halo 4 and a standard black headset for online chit-chat while you shoot those virtual foes over the wire.

So there we have it, Halo fans. Get your orders in early, because we reckon this £270 limited-edition set will be a big Xmas seller.