With all the excitement surrounding CODXP over in Los Angeles, and the multiplayer reveal, some of you (although we doubt many) might have missed the ultra-sweet limited edition Xbox 360 set to launch with the game.

Pocket-lint was over enjoying the Call of Duty XP festivities in Los Angeles when we spied the sleek console sitting inside a box. We tried desperately to get our hands-on it, if just to enjoy the feel of that sweet, sweet plastic and hear the start up and disc tray opening noise, but unfortunately a massive American security guard looked like he might have taken aversion to it.

We did, however, manage to grab these shots of the new 320GB console sitting within its plastic throne. Up close things are expertly finished and the brushed and scraped metal effect is a definite crowd pleaser. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to hear the signature Call of Duty sound when the console fires up.

The MW3 controller that is to ship with the console is also seriously cool, keeping up the same look as the Limited Edition Xbox. 

We see this one as being a serious hit with the fans, but at £269 for console, two controllers, MW3 game and a month's Xbox Live Gold, we reckon it will please anyone - COD fan or not.

Thankfully, those that can't push the boat out for the whole package will be able to buy just the controller.