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(Pocket-lint) - Far Cry, one of the most luscious looking First Person Shooters has made its way to the Xbox360 in all its full Technicolor glory.

The game centres around the lead character Jack Carver once again, however Far Cry Instincts Predator has one major bonus.

You'll get two games in one; Far Cry Instincts and Far Cry Evolution.

Both are available separately on the original Xbox, however Ubisoft has seen fit to include both titles on the same disc for Xbox360 owners - Bargain!

The catch is that you've got to complete Instincts before you can graduate on to the new chapter; Evolution.

Those who've already played FarCry on the the Xbox will be pleased with the graphical makeover and the chance to play the title that originally came out last year, but might be disappointed that they can?t get it straight away.

Luckily there is a cheat available for the game that will automatically unlock Evolution ("GiveMeItAll") so gamers if they want can get straight on with the new chapter.

Either way, First Person Shooter fans will enjoy both the graphics and the gameplay.

Just like Michael Jackson in the Thriller video saying he wasn't like other boys, nor is our main character. And rather than just being a gun tooting ex-marine, Jack Carver also has Ferral Instincts, hence the title, that give him extra powers such as being able to jump higher than most and scenting out bad guys in the jungle.

In Instincts these powers come on as the game progresses, however by the time you get to the Evolution chapter, which to be honest works more like an add-on pack than a stand-alone game you'll have all the powers at hand from the start.

Beyond the two single player campaigns to complete Far Cry Instincts Predator enables 1-4 player split-screen play as well as up to 16 player matches both offline via System Link or online via Xbox Live. There are five gameplay modes including Chaos, Team Chaos, Steal the Sample and Seek and Secure to compete with and its here that the game is likely to get the most play.

To recap

While there is nothing here that is leaps and bounds over anything else on currently available, Far Cry Instincts Predator is still overall a solid game

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Writing by Stuart Miles.