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(Pocket-lint) - While the Xbox360 still suffers from a lack of good solid titles, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon is hoping to put an end to that on the tactical squad based first person shooter side, but has the game got what it takes to win through?

Based across a sprawling Mexico City landscape the game takes the Ghost Recon series to a new level. Graphics are impressively sharp, sound movie-like and better still the gameplay to match.

You play a member of the Ghost Recon team sent in to rescue the President after he has been kidnapped by a bunch of rebel soldiers, as war seems to have instantly broken out across the city.

What that means for you in plenty of bad guys to kill and even on the normal setting there is plenty of action here to get your teeth in to.

In-game and what is most notable is that you are going to need a big television to enjoy this. Not because the vistas are amazing, or the graphics good enough that at times you want to sit back and enjoy them rather than fight, but because the there is so much detail to take in on the heads-up display (HUD).

Whether it’s showing you what weapon you’ve current got, how many bullets that has, your objectives, your team members status, your stance, known locations of enemies and friends, your weapon sights and where you’ve got to head to, it’s a lot to take in.

Get past this and the gameplay plays out like a cross between Rainbow Six and a first person shooter. You have complete free reign, but using a series of simple commands - mainly forward or regroup you can order your three team mates into the action first to save your bacon.

So far nothing new then? However what Ghost Recon does offer is the ability to control vehicles in the same way that you do your fellow team mates.

This is a real bonus here and means that you can use APCs and tanks for cover, or more importantly have the ability to direct Black Hawks to clear enemy hotspots.

Levels themselves run along nicely and the movie-like feel to the game means that debriefing happens in the cutscene rather than a barrage of stats for you to mull over. That said you can access those stats at any one time and then compare against other players.

To recap

If you want to relive those Black Hawk Down days, but with a squad to back you up this is certainly worth a closer look

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Writing by Stuart Miles.