We do love a good platformer at Pocket-lint, be it the glory days of Mario and Sonic or the weirdness of classics like Yoshi's Island. Rayman was never one we really got though, the character lacked some of the draw against people like Megaman. 

Sadly this meant the Rayman games were wholly ignored on trips to the shops, instead replaced with what were possibly far worse titles. Or a Sega Dreamcast. Either way, we felt it was time to give the armless man a go and grab a play with this newly released iOS app. Turns out we were missing out on quite a bit.

Rayman Jungle Run

iPhone/iPad/Android (coming soon)

Rayman is pretty no-fuss when it comes to its gameplay style. You get a lot of levels to blast through, while Rayman runs about almost out of control. Abilities are unlockable and there are some rather cool levels that can be unlocked should you manage to rack up some high scores in the single player.

Special mention has to go to the opening screen of the app, which has Rayman sitting playing his guitar and whistling a rather catchy tune. There is one thing we have to mention, which does change the whole way the game plays: Rayman is essentially running full pelt the whole time, you can't stop him. Instead you either jump, fly or choose from many other abilities and then work through a series of stages.

You start with only the ability to run and then things get harder as more abilities are unlocked. The music is also very awesome and worth switching your iPod off for. Retina display graphics top off the whole package, making for a very solid app. Would be nice if it was 69p though.