Rayman 2 is an app that has been available on the iPhone for quite some time, so why are we doing it now? Simple really, Gameloft has gone slightly mad and started shifting a whole selection of its best apps for 69p. This means you can pick up the likes of Driver and Rainbow Six for less than a pound and of course Rayman 2, which is arguably the best of the bunch. 

A console classic, Rayman 2 sees the legless and armless Ubisoft mascot adventuring in 3D for the first time. All the great platforming is still there, only this time it is in three dimensions and now with retro feeling N64 graphics. So is the app worth it? Or is the budget price tag not even enough to justify a mobile adventure with Rayman? 

Rayman 2: The Great Escape


Rayman 2 is an easy game to pick up. This is good for two very simple reasons: first it can be easily dived in and out of on your phone and second, the simple controls don't cause issues with touchscreens. Gameloft has made a big effort making sure that Rayman doesn't control sluggishly, which could quickly ruin a game. 

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Graphically Rayman isn't quite so good. The art style has stood the test of time quite nicely, the textures however suffer out of their age. Most objects are either muddy or soft and feature the odd pixelation. Still all is forgiven for the overall feel of Rayman 2, and the fact that it is running on a smartphone screen, helps a lot. 

Short of just jumping and firing, there isn't actually that much else to Rayman's gameplay. Its simplicity definitely reflects its age. Again though, just as how its art style keeps the game entertaining, innovative context sensitive scenes save the gameplay. You get to do things like jump up between gaps or climb around ledges, it reminds us slightly of things like Uncharted, minus the awesome set pieces.

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For 69p it is a definite iPhone must have, giving you a lot to get your teeth stuck into. Watch out for the odd bit of slow down on anything less than an iPhone 4 but other than that, things run near perfect. No bugs or save issues mean you get a smooth pick up and play Rayman experience, exactly how it should be. 

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