Set right at the start of Episode 3, Lego Star Wars on the mobile phone by THQ steps away from the console game of the same name by Eidos and rather than allowing you to relive the movies on the go, offers a glimpse into another part of the Star Wars universe.

Having played the Lego Star Wars console version and thought it was an innovative and really fun game to play, there is no doubting that this version, albeit not as graphically honed is certainly good fun.

Admittedly the graphics aren't quite as good as the console version, which clearly had everything in Lego, even the main characters.

The problem here is that the handset screen is a little small for these fine details, and playing on the Nokia 6680, even with its decent size screen won't help.

That aside the backgrounds and blocks are definitely Lego styled which is a nice touch.

The main character of Anakin does have the basics but the sprites are too small to really tell. The lightsaber looks cool and while you can't do too many moves with it, you can deflect laser fire and take out on-coming droids.

The animation is smooth, but then this is more of a puzzle game than action so it can afford to be.

The sound is not bad - you get a slight variation of the main Star Wars theme on loading, but get in the levels themselves, and you get a more military styled tune, which granted, sounds appropriate for the levels you are in.

Alas, there is no lightsaber sound which would have been excellent, nor are there any other sound effects of any kind.

Laser fire would have been nice or even the shields coming on and off for the droidikas.

The controls are easy to pick up as you can use the D or keypad to move Anakin around. The main button or 5 will swirl your lightsaber, while the other button you have to use is the 7 button that lets you use the force to move Lego blocks.

This is the basis of the game and when you get near a Lego block you can move, a glowing circle appears.


Overall playability is good. The game is basically a fairly large puzzle game and is only set in one small part of the Star Wars universe.

That's the real shame in this game as you only get a snippet of the Star Wars saga and also no chance to play or control any other characters.

While the console version of the game was excellent as you played through the story, had plenty of puzzles as well as all the different types of set piece events and loads of lightsaber action none of that is found here.

The longevity is pretty good with 21 rooms to complete. Luckily you can save progress, but only when you head back to the main hanger and at several points in the game.

It did take me a fair amount of time to complete the game and so if you're a puzzle aficionado or you are absolutely Star Wars mad, check out this enjoyable puzzle game.

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