Can you create a great tennis game for the mobile phone? Super Real Tennis tries to be the be-all-an-end-all of the tenis genre. The result is mixed.

Taking a leaf out of console games, you can create a character and then adapt them according to how you see fit. Gamers can then choose to improve their player's Power, Speed, Reaction and Skill. It's a good idea to give the game some longevity and make you want to play further, even more surprising for a mobile phone game the choices you make actually make a difference.

Aside from the character development, you can play a tournament or free match as well as practicing your moves in the training arena. Practicing is an overstatement as all only move and therefore number key you have to master is the number 5.

This is where the game falls down - it's not really deep enough. Tennis is about volleys, lobs, smashes and baseline shots and all you get here is one key, so you might as well play Pong. That aside, the graphics are 3D and impressive enough to show ball bounces and replays.


Compared to ComUs's tennis title this doesn't really pack a punch. The graphics are better, but the gameplay's shallow and while graphics will get you so far, if you haven't got the gameplay to match it, you're losing the battle before you start, even with a mobile game designed for time killing on the move.