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(Pocket-lint) - Violent, controversial and dangerous? It also has to be one of the greatest game series out there so unlike Manhunt a lot more defensible. The original was so playable and so much fun, version 2 saw more of the same, and GTA3 brings us the full 3D version, and its pretty damn smart. At time of writing, of course, GTA: Vice City has been out for over a year, and GTA3 for two years. However, as its street price on the PC has been £10 for a year it deserves a second look.

You know the scenario, you're a hood hanging out in Liberty City, doing jobs and making your way through the world. Money talks, and the things that you do earn you more and more - and not just selling cars at the docks. The best way to accrue the big bucks is to do more and more jobs for one of the established gangs. Soon you'll be rolling in it and looking to start your own empire.

In terms of gaming and appearance, it is similar to Vice City - the perspective is the same, the ideas are the same, but that final polishing and an extra year in development are not. Besides, if you want Vice City, you can now get it on your PC for £15, the same as GTA3. The point here is what you want to play it on. We tested it on an aging PC, just over the minimum requirements, and short of the recommended. If you find yourself in this situation take heed - because there are some great games out there still to be played.

Getting used to the controls takes a second, as the convenience of the PS2 controller is gone. However, first person shooter fans will be coordinated with keyboard and mouse and be well in their element. It doesn't feel as slick as on a console, because of this messing around, but after a while you accept it.

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Graphically it’s very pleasing and even with the settings not at the maximum it was crisp and clear. The sounds support this, and the radio stations retain their great range of music and sense of humour.

To recap

It's a classic, a must for gamers

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