The SingStar phenomenon still doesn’t yet show any hints of slowing down. And with SingStar Queen packing so many iconic tracks that millions will no doubt love to drunkenly ruin, things look set to continue in the same vein for quite a while yet.

Opening up the Queen back catalogue for PS3 owning karaoke fans is obviously a fantastic idea. With over 20 tracks, featuring some of the most well known music tracks in, well, ever, there’s no doubt that Sony are onto yet another winner.

Everything from the ever anthemic Bohemian Rhapsody, the also anthemic We Will Rock You, the, erm, obviously anthemic We Are The Champions, are included. There’s even a love song for those who adore the larger ladies with Fat Bottomed Girls. Essentially there’s a mass of tracks here that everyone can enjoy. Particularly if you adore anthems.

Despite Freddie Mercury’s obviously stunning voice, the variation in difficulty levels across all these tracks is incredible. We Will Rock You is roughly as easy as falling out of bed in a morning. Whereas bagging a top score on Bohemian Rhapsody is right up there with obtaining a degree in astrophysics.

With all the tracks in place, it was just down to Sony to slot them all in the usual SingStar skin. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Everything is basically exactly the same as SingStar has always been, which isn’t really a bad thing. It’s all very recognisable and obvious, making flicking from track to track after a few drinks a total breeze.

So with production values top notch and the track listing one of the very best witnessed on any SingStar title, what can bring that score tumbling down?

Well, there’s pretty much zero with regard to extras. You can’t even simply sit back and just watch one of those classic Queen videos which is a bit of a miss. It’s something the series continually seems eager to miss out on, where surely the opportunity to make these discs also let real fans watch and hear their favourite tracks on their big TV screen would be a major draw.

Plus, nearly half of these tracks are always available for download, making the disc an odd purchase for those who have already bought the cream of a pretty delightful crop.


As far as SingStar discs go, this is easily one of the best. Unless you’re a staunch Queen hater, there’s going to be at least a good dozen songs that you’d be happy to sing along to after a few drinks.

It’s a shame that Sony still seem intent on not handing over any decent extras. But this still stands tall as a fantastic social gaming experience that anyone with friends should try.