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(Pocket-lint) - Following the footsteps of the Burnout series, Flatout: Head On is a carnage packed race-come-demolition derby affair that will see you squinting as you plough through yet another building. But is it a racer to own? We don a pair of racing gloves to find out.

Broken into two areas - Carnage mode and Flatout mode, the main crux of the gameplay is found in the latter with the focus being a championship you are hoping to be crowned victor of.

Points are scored not only by winning races, but by trashing the place and other cars in the race. The more you win the more cash you get and the more upgrades/new cars you can invest in. Trashing the course however does have one drawback: the more you do it the more obstacles you have to avoid on the next lap as they will still be there.


That aside it's still highly entertaining to slam through a shop window (just like the mall scene in Blues Brothers) and carry on going seemingly unscathed.

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If the career mode isn't for you however, and let's face it with perhaps only 10 minutes waiting for the bus it might not be, the Carnage mode lets you pick up and play 36 different challenges that range from racing to stunt car driving to full-on demolition derby.

The graphics are impressive for the handheld console and the pick up and play elements combined with the carnage and mayhem that ensues from the tournament levels is enough to keep you entertained for more than a weekend.

For those looking to share the experience there is also a Wi-Fi multiplayer element where you can play up to three other racers (down from seven via the computer) so you can smash your mate's car to pieces as well.

To recap

Flatout: Head On is a great pick up and play car game that will have you oh-ing and ah-ing as you crash into yet another obstacle or take out another race competitor

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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