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(Pocket-lint) - Not every game on the PS3 is racing or another first person shooter, Untold Legends Dark Kingdom is a swashbuckling Elves, warriors and mages battle of good and evil by fantasy author Keith Baker, writer of several best-selling Dungeons and Dragons novels. So does the game live up to its name - or should it be left untold?

Playing the choice of three main characters - an elf, a Conan the Barbarian styled warrior and a Gandalf looking wizard you are charged with battling your way through a series of missions and tasks in an attempt to stop your homeland being taken over by evil forces.

Not breaking from the typical RPG rule book for 1 minute you can manage your characters statistics and the more you use your magic or sword for example, the more your strength grows in that field.

As we mentioned there are three different characters to master, however the quests whether you play the mage or the warrior are identical, in fact so are the moves. Each option gets the same combo, same quick move and same roll.

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Fans of the title will no doubt say this makes it easier to master the different combinations, but are we really expected to believe that a female elf and a bulky hunky Chippendale etc warrior with a massive hammer are likely to move in the same way. This might be a video game, but come on.

Being from Sony Online Entertainment you would expect there to be a heavy online element to the game, where there are online offerings, they are confused. You can play with three other players at anyone time, however you can't use your offline game character nor play the levels that you might have unlocked.

It's strange as surely the whole purpose of online play is to show off your new kit, skills and game prowess.

And here lies another issue with Dark Kingdoms, booty, or lack of it. While you can manage your armour, weapons, potions and the like in the game, unlike Dungeon Siege, for example, there is very little of it going around.


As a run of the mill RPG Untold Legends Dark Kingdom on the PS3 is okay, but just that. The unimaginative controls will start to bore after the first couple of levels and the storyline isn't gripping enough to keep you entertained beyond what it is.

As for the graphics, they are nice, but again not stunning and we certainly expected more from a PS3 title.


Writing by Stuart Miles.