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(Pocket-lint) - EA returns with another NBA-endorsed basketball game, this time heading away from the pros and back to the grassroots game on the street. But does it cut the mustard? We went one-on-one to find out.

We like basketball games for their playability, going back so far that we can’t remember which console it was on. The problem then was that playing on your own was just about as dull as it gets, whereas playing your mates was a full-on riot. With NBA Street, you don’t need mates, as you can play online.

The basic premise of Homecourt is that you are going back to where the best players came from – their local court, be it on the beachfront, behind Wal-Mart or wherever. You get to pick from all your favourite teams and NBA stars to play your hometown games and all characters bear a passing resemblance to their real-life counterparts for what it’s worth.

Graphically, yes, it is pretty good, but nothing that really got us excited. The PS2 NBA games were adequately represented and we have to iterate again, that gameplay really made the difference. This may be the next generation of NBA gaming, but good gameplay is good gameplay.

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So what of the gameplay? This is perhaps were the criticism falls. There is nothing to really get excited about. Yes, there is a new range of tricks, dunks and comedy moments, but haven’t there always been? Basketball games have never really lived in the sphere of reality and nothing has changed here. Winning is fairly easy playing a simple game with no tricks, but maximum entertainment comes from entering the sublime world of the flying dunks that Homecourt offers.

To recap

For us, this just doesn’t do enough against the other options vying for your money

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Writing by Chris Hall.