Coming from the same makers as the highly addictive Tetris-esque Lumines on the PSP, Every Extend Extra by Japanese games creator Mizuguchi sees you blasting blocks out of your way rather than stacking them, but is it as addictive? We take a closer look.

A cross between arcade classic Asteroids and Atari classic Tempest 2000, EEE is, as described by its makers "an addictive gameplay experience through a fusion of arcade-style shooting action, cutting-edge music and visuals".

In game and this means you control a exploding spaceship that you have to position just in the right place at the right time to blast your foes in a colorful display of explosive chain reactions.

The bigger the chain reaction results in the higher the score and the larger the rewards.

The chain reactions also form an important part of the game when it comes to defeating more high level enemies or the end of level bosses. These normally require a certain amount of enemy craft to be destroyed at exactly the right time to create a chain reaction big enough to affect them - too small and you'll have to start again.


Like all Japanese games, the end result is a mass of confusing colour on the screen at any one time and backed by a booming dance track and visuals that will make your eyes go square.

Every Extend Extra is one of those games you'll either not be able to put down for hours or be asking for your money back within minutes.

One to rent first.