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(Pocket-lint) - While previous Buzz games for the PlayStation 2 have involved you answering a series of questions based on specific topics like music or sport, Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party take a different approach.

Aimed squarely at kids the game features a series of levels based around completing tasks in a set time.

You can either buy the game on its own or if you're already a fan of the Buzz series with the four controllers just like previous versions.

Adding the controllers gives you a sense that you are playing something much more than just another quiz game on the PS2 and also means that players who aren't used to playing on the PS2 - i.e. younger won't be confused by which button to press when the time comes.

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The controllers, which all trail into a single dongle that then plugs into your PlayStation's USB slot, have four colour-coded buttons and then the big red buzzer button on the top.

Levels include things like bashing away a colour coded totem poll and choosing which hippopotamus is the odd one out from four choices.

Games are simple and then once completed your scores tallied up. For the impatient there is always a time limit so you can't get stuck on a bit you don't enjoy or can't do.

Unlike previous versions of the quiz there is no tongue-in-cheek game show set and the levels are all set with monkeys in the jungle. Players can choose to battle it out on their own or as expected and preferred, play up to four players against each other.

To differentiate between who is who, there are a four different coloured monkeys to choose from and you can further set colour schemes, clothes and buzzer noises.

To recap

While Mum and Dad will be able to test their whit against the quiz variants of this series - this one is for the kids

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