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(Pocket-lint) - So you've got your latest shiny gadget and you want to keep it that way. Well you're going to have to invest in a case or some sort of protection if you want to stop your keys, coins and mates gouging deep cracks across its smooth body.

In steps InvisibleShield with the promise to "Protect your digital life".

Coming in various shapes and sizes - over 400 different digital devices in fact, the InvisibleShield was originally designed to protect military helicopter blades from wear and tear while travelling at hundreds of miles per hour. Now the same technology has been adopted to protect your humble iPod or PSP.

When it comes to applying your shield it's all fairly easy. In the box you get the shield, some application solution and a squeegee to get the job done and surprisingly six instructions to help you get it right - how hard can it be?

In our application of a PSP cover we found that as long as you used plenty of the accompanying application spray and at the crunch moment are quick with your hands, it was very easy. Getting bubbles out with the accompanying squeegee was also easy and any other micro bubbles that were still left disappeared over the following 24 hours.

Once applied, apart from being slightly more reflective than without, there was no clear defining marks to suggest that the shield was on, and it certainly won't affect viewing.

As for the real test, whether or not it was good enough to stop you scratching your favourite gadget, so far we've little to doubt.

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The screen has a rubberised feel to it and this means that any scratches that it does take seem to disappear with a quick wipe as if by magic. Furthermore the grip on the shield is so strong that we were unable to budge it unless we picked at a corner - a problem we've found with other PSP thin shields.

To recap

As a way of protecting your treasure, the InvisibleShield works a treat

Writing by Stuart Miles.