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(Pocket-lint) - Resistance: Fall of Man on the PS3 is probably best described as Call of Duty crossed with a Sci-Fi B-Movie.

Set in 1950s England, a species of unknown origin known only as the Chimera have conquered Asia and most of Europe in mere decades.

Seeing the risk of annihilation, the United States supports the British Resistance in a European counterattack.

The story follows Hale, a US Ranger, as he struggles for survival and desperately seeks a means to eliminate the Chimeran blight.

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It's a interesting plot line and one that is played out through a combination of cutscene voiceovers and general action in game.

Levels are small, but the gameplay very fluid with a continuous storyline making it very easy to keep playing hour after hour.

As with other games on the new console, Resistance: Fall of Man doesn't dissapoint when it comes to visuals. Attention to detail is immense with lots of little details that raise the game above what we've come to expect from titles on the PS2.

We especially liked the leaves blowing in the Autumn wind and the odd flock of pigeons flying off when you disturb them.

However opting for the HDMI output on a HD television doesn't automatically mean, as one might expect, give you games in 1080p, but even at the recommended 720p for Resistance it still looks tasty.

Get past the storyline and the graphics and the gameplay are just as good.

The First Person Shooter's main strength apart from the graphics is the AI and rather than just sit there the aliens actually do their best to shoot you.

Stand still longer than a couple of seconds and you'll be nailed faster than you can reload your gun. Unfortunately for slower gamers it won't even help if you've chosen to hide behind a crate, vehicle or wall as while they don't seem to come after you, they will be waiting for when you pop out from behind it.

As now standard with First Personal Shooters there is the obligatory vehicles element - including tanks however we did find these over powering when it came to taking on the enemy and one that once in, doesn’t throw up much of a challenge.


Resistance: Fall of Man challenges online and offline with single player campaign, an offline, but albeit disappointingly not online co-operative mode and a full online onslaught which includes up to 40 players at any one time mean this is one to want.

The game's pace, storyline and graphics makes this a compelling choice for PS3 owners looking for adult gaming.

Writing by Stuart Miles.