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(Pocket-lint) - Courting controversy like it's going out of fashion, Canis Canem Edit, or otherwise known as Bully, is the latest title from the makers of Grand Theft Auto.

This time, instead of stealing cars it's bullying kids, feeding the "all video games are evil" supporters' cause even further. So is the game really as bad as some would believe; should it really be banned? Pocket-lint checked it out.

The story follows expelled kid Jimmy Hopkins as he heads off to a boarding school for troublemakers to learn some manners and respect. Making you choose what is right and wrong, the game is based around choosing between friends and rivalries while all the time keeping to school rules.

Based on the same gaming structure as Grand Theft Auto you are given the option to free roam or complete mini tasks, which just like GTA earn you kudos and prizes. Kudos involves gaining popularity with certain group in the school from the old clichés like Nerds, Prepies and Goths or merely gaining new kit such as a slingshot.

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In amongst this is the daily humdrum of school life like going to lessons and making sure you're back in the dorm before lights out. The school lessons, although annoying are small puzzles that if passed do open up extra skill sets. Doing well at chemistry for example gives you access to firecrackers while gym allows you to hone and learn new fighting skills.

And fighting is something that you'll have to do a lot of, either defending yourself or merely picking on others that you feel are "good for a beating". Just as in GTA there are rules and at school, rather than cops and the army chasing you down, it's prefects and the headmaster who are likely to bust you if you step out of line. Anything from bunking lessons to getting into a fight is worthy of gaining notoriety and you've got to make sure all your stunts are done out of sight.

Of course just like speeding away from the cops you can do the same with the prefects (although it’s a lot harder as you are on foot) and instead of getting a new paint job to lose them, here it’s a case of hiding in a rubbish bin instead.

To recap

We've got mixed feelings about Canis Canem Edit, it's very good but the moral dilemma is too close to home

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