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(Pocket-lint) - Few games these days are laugh out loud funny. And of the couple that spring to mind, none have made it that big.

It’s why last year’s Destroy All Humans stood out. We lost count of the number of hilarious moments where we mere mortals bought it at the hands of vile marauding alien Crypto.

If only the gameplay hadn’t let things down. After a few tedious and repetitive missions, the B movie sheen seriously wore off. Destroy was great for a while, but it never achieved classic status.

So will this sequel right all previous wrongs? And who’s going to fix all those wobbly sets Crypto’s just nuked?

So Crypto’s back and is taking full advantage of his presidential status by having his wicked way with as many Sixties women as inhumanly possible. Who’d blame him?

But those pesky Ruskies have chucked a nuclear spanner in the works by firing a missile at his mothership, blowing Crypto’s boss into a billion pieces in the process. Not surprisingly, our friend doesn’t find these interruptions to his love making too welcome. Bless his little antennae.

What transpires here is pretty much the same game as last time round, but with a few extra touches tossed in for good measure. The majority of missions involve wandering around, firing off as many weapons as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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A few obvious faults from the previous game remain too, much to our annoyance. Destroy 2 is painfully easy and, apart from one or two slightly tricky sections, you’ll find yourself breezing through pretty much the entire game.

The graphics are equally disappointing in places. In heavy fire fights things slow to a crawl. You never want to have to fight the game engine when there’s so much else that needs pummelling.

One upside is that there’s so much more to do this time round. We lost count of the number of side missions to undertake as you wander around this huge 60s themed planet. You’ll still complete the game in around 8 hours, but at least they’ll keep you entertained for a while.


So how to score Destroy 2? It’s not perfect – not by a long chalk – but it’s an enjoyable romp while it lasts. As long as you can stomach its flaws.

Writing by Christopher Pickering.