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(Pocket-lint) - Undoubtedly one of the biggest influences on the gaming world was Metal Gear Solid. In this latest instalment we don’t actually see much that is new; Subsistence is a collection of parts that fans of MGS will love.

Firstly, this is essentially a Special Edition of MGS3: Snake Eater. If you haven’t got it and you want it, then try to get your hands on this version. The first disc is a complete version of the game, with reworked 3D camera, allowing you more control over how you see the action. If you haven’t heard about the game. The new camera changes the expereince somewhat, and diehard fans might consider playing the whole thing again, just for this. Of course, now there is also connectivity with Metal Gear Acid 2 on PSP.

The second disc in the set brings on the new parts. The biggest here, and possibly the selling point that will bring back fans of the game, is the online mode. Using the PS2 network adaptor, you can play MGS online in an entirely new gaming environment with all the normal elements of online gaming. It is in keeping with the series, so its not just a cheap FPS, but still leans towards the tactical. There is plenty to do, and the inevitable humour of Metal Gear Solid is still there to be found.

The second disc also has the hilarious Snake vs Monkey game, which sends out Snake to capture the escaped monkeys a la Ape Escape. It’s a bizarre twist, but great fun to play. You’ll also find bundled in the Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 games – yes, the old MSX versions which have a certain novelty value, but might struggle hold your attention for too long.

Finally you have the third disc with options to watch all the cutscenes edited into a film, which lasts over 3 hours, so you have to be seriously keen to watch the entire thing, but it does look good. Or you can just watch them as them chapter by chapter, if you like. You also have a trailer for MGS4 (forthcoming on PS3) which was shown at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005. Again, whilst this is interesting, it is little more than another cutscene. Still, it makes interesting viewing, but you can find similar trailers elsewhere on the Internet.

To recap

A final outing on the PS2 and a great selection for those who play online or are new to MGS3

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