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(Pocket-lint) - After the relative success of Asian developed scare-a-thon Forbidden Siren earlier on in the PS2’s life, it’s little surprise to see a sequel approaching as quickly as a certain ex-footballer when he spies an aging mother of three.

Unlike the majority of gaming horror titles like Capcom’s Silent Hill and the Resident Evil series that give you everything from guns to big sticks to beat off the opposition, Forbidden Siren left you lacking in handy items to help you in the confrontation department.

But Siren fans will know there’s a far more powerful weapon in your armoury. And it was always a hell of a lot more hefty than a sawn off shotgun – if a little less capable at blowing off heads.

"Sight jacking" gave you the chance to see exactly what the "Shibito" – the game’s nasty evil types – see through their own eyes, giving you the perfect opportunity to avoid their gaze and trudge forward unopposed.

So does the sequel improve on its impressive older brethren? Or does the continuation of the same idea ultimately cause its downfall?

It’s safe to say that all over again this is one title you don’t want to be playing in the dark.

The incredibly atmospheric visuals and tension filled atmosphere stays faithful to the scary levels that the original showed off. Siren 2 is much akin to the recent big Asian horror flicks (think of The Ring, and Ab-normal Beauty) that have reared their ugly heads on our side of the globe.

As in the first title, you play through a series of missions and have to get from one portion of the map to another while avoiding those evil undead Shibito types. There are also various little essentials dotted around the place that you have to pick up.

And there lies the first real problem. Miss one of these pickups – which can be virtually anything from a tiny key to a locked door to a much needed cigarette lighter – and you’ll be looped back to the beginning of the mission to play through it all over again.

You’ll still have everything you amassed before, but its pretty bloody frustrating when you’ve been squealing like a teenage girl who’s just spotted the far off silhouette of Justin Timberlake’s worrying Jacko style mask, when all you’re missing is a something to make fire with.

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Thankfully copious amount of guns are thrown into the mix – plus your torch also worries the Shibito these days – so you’ve got more of a chance to fight back.

But even silly amounts of weapons don’t help with the game’s overwhelmingly high difficulty level. It’s just so easy to aimlessly wander into one of the Shibito’s eye line. After that you’re toast, served up with those ghoulish gherkins you get from McDonalds.

To recap

If you enjoy being scared witless then pick this up, but don’t come crying to us when you’ve soiled your boxers and torn your hair out

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