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(Pocket-lint) - With poker slowly taking over the world. TakeTwo Interactive has released World Poker Tour under its 2K Sports label for all those gamblers needing to get their fix away from the casino's and poker rooms online.

Unlike most card games on the console this isn't a compendium of casino classics but out and out poker and nothing more. Which, for once is actually very good. It's good because you won't be tempted to have a spin on the roulette table or a quick game of black jack. No this is for hardened Texas Hold 'em fans only.

Gameplay is fairly standard, after all it’s a card game, and TakeTwo has made sure it plays out according to the rules. There are no silly little aliens, or "He's on fire" moments. Keeping in with the realism you can even opt to play as poker greats currently working the circuit and according to who you opt to play will determine your bluffing skill and game prowess.

Gamblers are given a pot of money and are required to have some general understanding of the rules although you are helped with tips along the way. The game is broken down into two main areas a quick play arena which allows you to get straight into the action, or play apart of the WPT Season where by you have to work your way through smaller games to get the big tournament finale.

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Like snooker games the game's graphics aren't the games strong point and apart from the odd player getting anise that you've just taken all their chips the interactivity is pretty lacklustre. However just as you get sucked into those late night poker shows on Five, World Poker Tour is for us some what addictive.

To recap

On our first outing we managed to lose an hour and a half before realising that we'd actually better get on and do some work

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