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(Pocket-lint) - Understandably here at Pocket-lint, we are always looking to the future for our latest gadget needs, why have yesterdays model when there is always something bigger, better and more technologically advanced coming out tomorrow?

Sega, however, are hoping that we don’t embrace the future too much with its latest collection of retro games.

In steps the Sega Classics Collection for the PlayStation 2 with such gems as Golden Axe, OutRun, Virtua Racing, Columns, Monaco GP, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone and Tant R & Bonanza Bros.

The games are identical to the originals and unlike the host of plug and play titles currently available with dedicated joysticks this £20 collection can be played on your console. If that wasn't enough, the game has the advantage of allowing you to play, where possible, with more than one player using your regular controllers.

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Take Golden Axe for example, for the first time since its original outing on the Sega Mega Drive you can play the platform quest with two other players as you battle the forces of evil - brilliant.

Although the complete offering is great, our three personal favourites are Outrun, Space Harrier and Golden Axe, and it was great to relive childhood memories of fast cars, the stupid pixies offering health charms and staring at a man’s backside as he blasted things to pieces from 20 foot in the air.

Where the games differ from the originals is an enhancement of graphics to utilise some of the PlayStation2’s graphical power over the original Sega Mega Drive versions.

The graphical changes are subtle, but the overall results are good and it certainly means that you don’t have to force yourself to look at the poor graphics of the yesteryear to enjoy the gaming experience all over again.

To recap

Whether it’s Space Harrier, Outrun or three player Golden Axe, we are loving this piece of retro gaming

Writing by Stuart Miles.