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(Pocket-lint) - Film tie-in games seem to be the hot pototo this week, and so to Stuart Little 3 - Big Photo Adventure on the PlayStation 2. Following on from the first two movies at the cinema, the franchise has spawned a third cartoon DVD installment. Of course, no respectable movie is without the obligatory game tie-in and so we've been given this offering.

However unlike most movie tie-in's we've reviewed of late, this one is actually quite good fun.

Playing Stuart Little, the tiny mouse adopted by the Little family, the aim of the game is to fill your photo album with a series of pictures of your adventure, hence the name of the game.

Broken down into manageable bite sized chunks you have to complete a series of different mini-games to earn the right to have your picture taken with one of the cast.

The games range in variety to a level of mini-golf with Stuey's uncle to performing a series of tricks on your skateboard to impress a bird. Overall most are fairly enjoyable with different tasks and skill sets required for each one. In between the mini-games you are free to explore the levels, collect points to charge your camera's flash and change into a number of different costumes including a fireman's outfit so you can water the plants.

The game is squarely aimed at kids of a younger age, hence the colourful graphics and happy-go-lucky scripting between the characters, however it won't bore adults to death having to sit with their young ones either.

Breaking up the action is a plethora of cutscenes which can get a tad long in the tooth, however, luckily you can bypass these with a press of a button.

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To recap

If your children are fans of the little mouse, then this will have them jumping for joy

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