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(Pocket-lint) - Wallace and Gromit might have taken the number one spot at the US box office, but does the video game live up to the film? We go searching for were rabbits to find out.

Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were Rabbit suffers the same fate that befalls most film game tie-ins, the challnge of trying to get a linear storyline to work in an interactive environment. Unfortunately for the game's makers, they haven't succeeded.

The problem is that the game follows the usual formula. Cutscene of movie, action, another cutscene, a bit more action, make sure things are done in order of the film else you will only confuse.

With that in mind you get to play either Wallace or Gromit and go through the levels helping the other character out.

Predictably there are tasks that only one of the characters can do, and it's at this point that you must switch souls to complete the task and ultimately the level.

Levels stick close to the film and all the other characters are here in full polygon Technicolor. Characters aside, the levels are all very repetitive and it seems you've never quiet got all the rabbits that are threatening to eat the prize vegetables. Catch them and more appear and after a short time it starts to get incredibly dull.

While we understand this game is squarely aimed at children, there is nothing really here to entertain them longer than 5 minutes, even if you think you are a child at heart. No mini-games, no exciting challenges, just an endless supply of those rabbits.

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To recap

The film may be getting rave reviews, but the same can't be said for the game tie-in

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