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(Pocket-lint) - Need a speaker system for your PSP? Well Logic 3 thinks it has the answer with the PSP Sound System a “Home Theatre System for the PSP”. But has the speaker set got what it takes to bring your UMD movies to life? Pocket-lint plugs it in to find out.

While Logitech has opted for a fudged speaker set for the PlayStation Portable, Logic 3's approach couldn't be any more different.

Big, black and shiny, Logic 3 has designed a system specifically for the PSP and the results are far more impressive than the PlayGear Amp.

Just like the Logitech's offering the PSP takes centre stage, however unlike the PlayGear Amp, the PSP comfortably sits in the speaker set as if it were a docking station.

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In fact that's exactly what it is. When connected via the headphone and power sockets, the PSP will be charged when in use and this time the volume controls and on/off switch that control both the speaker set and the PSP are on the front in clear view and easy to operate.

Acting as the stand so the unit does topple over is a large 6 watt subwoofer speaker that folds down away from the PSP. This means that even though the console is held tightly in the docking station you can still swap UMD disks easily as well as having access to all the ports.

In an attempt to offer something a litte more than just regular sound, the Sound System sports a 3D button on the front of it. The button promises to enrich the sound with a wider effect. Pressing it did make a slight difference, but nothing to write home about.

When you're not using the Sound System for the PSP you can connect other devices like an MP3 player to the unit via its line-in socket at the rear of the player.


For portability the player can take four AA batteries and it also comes with a hard plastic covering to protect the speakers and then a soft fabric case so nothing gets scratched.

Those wishing to play games at the same time can use the included cable, however you cannot charge the console at the same time.

The system slightly under-performs against the Logitech offering the overall package is considerably better.

Writing by Stuart Miles.