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(Pocket-lint) - So you've got your PSP but are decidedly disappointed with sound via the mini speaker on the front of the unit. There are quiet a few options available on the market from Logitech to Harman Kardon that allow you to connect your handheld console to an external speaker set.

For the most part though, the majority of the offerings are all about listening to the noise in one place. Logic 3, who seemed to have gone full steam ahead with just about every bolt-on accessory you could ask for, has opted for a more portable contribution in the shape of the Sound Grip. A speaker system that integrates with your PSP so you can take it with you.

Connecting into the PSPs headphone and power sockets, the Sound Grip wraps itself around the PSP clamping on to the handheld device like a parasite. Below the screen is a 1W RMS speaker, while the back of the unit doubles-up as handgrips to allow you to hold the PSP slightly more comfortably.

The comfort here does rely on your hand size, but we found it certainly helped.

Sound level is controlled via a volume dial on the bottom of the unit. You can get some distortion if you have both volumes on the PSP and the speakers turned up full blast.

Surprisingly, Logic 3 has had the forethought to allow you access to all the switches and dials without having to remove the Sound Grip and you can even swap around games or movies.

Included in the box - in addition to the Sound Grip itself - is a handy stand, so you can prop your PSP up to watch movies, and a bag to put the PSP and Sound Grip in when you're not using it. Although annoyingly the stand will not fit into the bag with the Sound Grip and PSP.

Power is provided by two AAA batteries that can be charged via the charger that comes with your PSP, or alternatively you can still connect the power charger to the device to play if you're not planning on going anywhere.

In our tests the unit certainly proved that it could produce better sound than the current offering on the PSP, however it is still a bit tinny.

To recap

While the sound quality won’t match the likes of Logitech’s or Harman Kardon’s bolt-on offerings, this does offer better sound in a portable option

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