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(Pocket-lint) - The 3-in-1 Magic Joybox USB Converter offers users the chance to turn your console controllers into ones that can control your PC, but can it really promise you this magic money-saving compatiblity? We plug it in and check it out.

Connecting to your PC (it doesn't work for Macs), via a spare USB socket the 3-in-1 Magic Joybox USB Converter enables you to use PlayStation/PlayStation2, XBox AND Gamecube controllers on a PC.

While you can use all three sockets at the same time, you can't use more than one of the same controller without buying another 3-in-1 Magic Joybox.

The box has opted for choice rather than homing in on one controller design and if you've only got one of the consoles you're left with either buying another 3-in-1 Magic Joybox or another controller for a console you don't have.

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Setup on the PC was easy. In a moment that took us back to last century, the drivers for the device come on a 1.4in floppy disk, something we haven't seen in years. Luckily the company also offers the drivers via its website (here) meaning those of us who don't still have a floppy drive can still get the software.

Once installed, we had no problem with the computer recognising the controllers and their individual features. We tried it with both the Xbox large and small controllers and PS2 dual-shock controller and both worked perfectly.


If you've got both a PC and a games console, the 3-in-1 Magic Joybox will save you money in buying an extra, dedicated PC controller.

It would have been nice if rather than offer a wide choice of compatible controllers the company produced a 3-in-1 Magic Joybox that just offered support for a dedicated console.

Of course if you're a game junkie then you've probably got more than one console, whether it be a PS2, Xbox or GameCube. If that's the case then the choice in controller sockets won't really make any difference.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.